Raccoon dog Emi was rescued from a fur farm


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Fox Mala was rescued from a fur farm

Foxes and raccoon dogs find home at TIERART 

FOUR PAWS supports European Citizens' Initiative for a fur-free Europe

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Pastel fox at TIERART

Wild animal in need?

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TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary is run by FOUR PAWS. It gives big cats, which were kept under inadequate conditions in zoos, circuses or in private captivity, a new, species-appropriate home. In addition, numerous native wild animals are cared for at TIERART. 


Experience animal welfare

Every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday you can visit the TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary as part of a guided tour (German).
For English tours special appointments are available.
You can find more information here


Where to find us

Tierartstraße, 66506, Maßweiler, Germany

You can find more contact information here – it is just 35 minutes from Kaiserslautern (by car), find us on Google Maps


In 2000, the association

TIERART e.V bought a former US Army barrack to rehome exotic and native wild animals. In 2013, the cooperation between TIERART and FOUR PAWS began. In July 2015, the first big cat enclosures were completed.

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Our Animals

In addition to two tigers, a puma and a serval, numerous native wild animals such as foxes, badgers, wildcats, hares, deer, raccoons, dormice and hedgehogs find a home and are cared for.

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Tigress Cara at TIERART

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