Silver fox Mika at TIERART

Silver fox MIka

Mika was supposed to be killed


The silver fox was considered the "king of the furry animals" in the 1900's. In the wild, black foxes are extremely rare, due in particular to over 1,000 years of intensive hunting of these animals. High prices were paid for the black pelts as early as the 10th century. Later in the 1890s, began the planned breeding and cruel keeping of fur of the 'silver fox'. The foxes quickly became popular in zoos and animal parks, as the pretty animals often kept and bred.

Silver fox Mika was born in spring of 2019, in an animal park in Germany as well. At the age of just under one year, she was finally to be sold. However, when no place was found for her, the owner wanted to get rid of her by all means he decided without further delay to simply shoot her.

Mika in May 2020

Last minute rescue

The members of a private animal welfare association from the region became aware of the fate of the small fox and offered immediately to take over the animal transitionally.

Shamelessly, the owner wanted to release the fox at first only against payment. However, the animal welfare activists did not give up and succeeded in changing the owner's mind.

In May 2020, Mika was finally brought to TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary. Here she shared an enclosure with the three red foxes Raika, Akira and Rasputin.

Mika enjoying the sun

"Furry" community with male Frodo

In June 2022 Mika moved to another enclosure and since then keeps pastel fox male Frodo company. After Frodo's partner Zoé unfortunately passed away, we were looking for a new partner for him.

Mika is a very self-confident young fox lady who likes to have her way. Male Frodo had to get used to this at first. But friendship can grow over time, as we all know, and by now the two foxes get along very well. Frodo's good-natured and patient charactre obviously suits Mika well.

Look at how much fun Mika is having with her snowman in winter!

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Facts about Mika

  • I come from: an animal park in Germany
  • I like to eat: mice
  • I am: a small but very self-confident fox lady
  • What the keepers say about me: Mika doesn't take any crap from Frodo, even though he is much older and also bigger. 

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