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Would you like to support the animals at TIERART and our work?


We depend on your help in our work and are therefore always very happy to receive any kind of support for our sanctuary. We have listed the possibilities of support for you here:

1. Direct donation to TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

If you would like to donate directly to us, you can do so via the following bank details:

Bank name: GLS Bank
IBAN: DE12 4306 0967 2062 0784 00

2. Online donation to the TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

Visit our TIERART donation page and support our animal welfare work conveniently by online transfer. Whether it's a one-off amount or a monthly donation - your contribution helps us to rescue animals in need and provide them with species-appropriate care!

3. Donations in kind

Would you like to support our animal welfare work with donations in kind? On this page you will find various items that we can currently use. We have also put together a list of other items on our wish list. Decide whether you would like to support us by buying materials for the production of enrichment items, medicines for our animals, work equipment for the animal keepers or other stuff.

You can send the item of your choice by post to our sanctuary (TIERART gGmbH, Tierartstraße 1, 66506 Maßweiler) or simply bring it with you on your next visit. You are also welcome to drop off donations in kind at the main gate after calling in advance (+49 176-84305545). 

There is something for every budget and all donations in kind will be used directly on site.

We are happy to receive:

  • Fruit (everything except citrus fruits and strawberries)
  • Vegetables (everything except onions, cabbage, tomatoes and lettuce)
  • Nuts (natural, also with shell)
  • Eggs (cooked or raw)
  • Coconut or sisal rope (to make enrichment items for our animals)
  • Oat flakes and corn flakes
  • Fennel tea
  • Puppy rearing milk powder from Royal Canin
  • Wet food for kittens
  • Small hot water bottles with covers (for kittens)
  • Rusk (for squirrels)
  • Fruit puree for babies in a jar (for squirrels and dormice)
  • Worm treatment (Panacur paste or tablets, Milbemax, Milpro)
  • Stainless steel food bowls in various sizes
  • Robust dog toys
  • Footballs/medicine balls for Puma and Tiger
  • Robust dog transport boxes
  • Syringes, cannulas, pipettes
  • Changing pads/incontinence pads
  • Rodent houses for rabbits made of wood
  • Cat litter (without scent)
  • Dog food with a high meat content (without sauce, jelly or similar)
  • Psyllium husks and salmon oil for our tigers
  • Chondroitin and MSM to treat the arthrosis of tigress Cara

We update our wish list several times a year and are happy about every package we receive!

4. Support FOUR PAWS

Our sanctuary is a project of FOUR PAWS, an international animal welfare organisation.

FOUR PAWS works to protect animals under human influence through projects, campaigns, information and lobbying. This includes wild animals such as bears, lions, tigers, leopards, orangutans, horses and birds of prey, pets such as dogs, cats and rodents, stray dogs and cats, as well as farm animals, which include cattle, pigs and poultry.

Here you can donate for animals in need and support FOUR PAWS.

5. Support the association TIERART e.V.

Donate to one of our current projects on site – whether trees for the new puma enclosure or mice for rearing injured wild cats – conveniently online!

Take a look at our projects on betterplace.org now!

Puma Tikam at TIERART

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