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Wild Animal in Need?

Wild animals do not always need human help!


First things first: please do not hesitate to call a competent authority in case of a supposed wildlife emergency before you take action and take an animal yourself.

Taking wild animals from their natural environment without good reason is prohibited, may be considered wildlife theft and may be punished accordingly!

Emergency number

In case of emergency concerning wild animals you can reach us here:
+49 176 | 84 30 55 45: before 8 a.m. and after 5 p.m. please only for wildlife emergencies from Rhineland-Palatinate (during the day we are also happy to advise anywhere in Germany).

For all other concerns, please contact our office: 
+49 6334 | 98 47 377
Please note that we cannot take in birds or wild boar.

Wild animals do not always need human help just because they are found alone

Most of the time, the mother is foraging nearby and returns at regular intervals to nurse her offspring. It is also not unusual for young wild animals not to run away, but to remain calmly in place when approached by humans. A fawn that ducks down and remains motionless wants to protect itself from predators and is not necessarily sick or weakened. The mother comes to nurse every few hours and quickly moves away again so as not to draw attention of predators to the young animal.


Even if you find an obviously sick or injured wild animal, it is in your own interest to contact an expert, such as a wildlife centre in your area, to discuss how to proceed. Bear in mind that wild animals can bite hard, especially in stressful situations or when in pain! Also, you cannot estimate which diseases the animal might have.

For the sake of the animals:

 If you have no experience in rearing wild animals, it is always better to put them into expert hands as soon as possible and not to mess around for a long time yourself.

In case you have already taken an animal home with you and want to take over the initial care yourself, please inform yourself in advance exactly about the care for the respective animal species and age. For example, we often receive young animals that have been fed cow's milk out of well-intentioned love for the animal - a fatal mistake that can quickly lead to the death of sensitive animals such as young fawns. 

Wild animals do not tolerate cow's milk and can get terrible diarrhoea or lethal colic!

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