Tigress Cara

Tigress Cara

Rescued from illegal private keeping – caged without daylight


Cara was discovered in 2013 during a raid near Naples in Italy. The little tigress was only five months old at the time and locked up in a tiny concrete shed of only 6 m2 with no windows. Italian policemen immediately confiscated the illegally kept animal.

Tigress Cara 2018

Cara at TIERART 2018

New home at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

After her confiscation, Cara was transported to Germany with the help of FOUR PAWS, and initially housed temporarily at a German animal shelter. The enclosure there for housing big cats in need was originally built in cooperation with the TIERART association. Tigers had already been cared for there in the past, in whose rescue the association TIERART was involved together with FOUR PAWS.

On 1st August 2015, tigress Cara finally moved into the newly opened big cat enclosure in TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary and quickly became one of the visitors' favorites due to her people-oriented nature.

Curious and people-oriented

As soon as something is going on near her enclosure, Cara's interest is aroused and she curiously comes to the fence and greets friendly with a snort typical for tigers. When she then also lies down on her back, kind of mewing, as if she wants to ask for a cuddle, you almost forget that she is a tigress of 125 kg!

Tigress Cara at TIERART

When a tiger has to see the dentist...

During a veterinary examination in June 2019, it was discovered that Cara's upper right canine tooth was damaged and in danger of breaking off. To save the tooth, a team of veterinary dentistry specialists traveled from Denmark a few weeks later.

Ultimately, a gold crown was made for the canine tooth, which was about 7cm long, and placed in October 2019. Cara thus became known throughout Germany as the only tigress with a gold crown.

Tigress Cara at TIERART

Unfortunately, the crown lasted only a few months. The pre-damage of the tooth was probably too weak, resulting in a break of the crown in the spring of 2020, to about two-thirds together with the crown.

Once again, dental treatment became necessary. The specialists from Denmark came to TIERART again to perform a root canal treatment and then seal and trim the remaining tooth. Now Cara can bite hard again and can finally have meat with bones again.

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Facts about CARA

  • I come from: illegal private keeping in Italy
  • My favorite food: horse and beef
  • I am: very people-oriented and need a lot of attention
  • Special characteristic: I am a very 'talkative' tigress. When people are near my enclosure, I like to draw attention to myself by making extensive tiger sounds.

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