Black Sheep Lulu at TIERART

Sheep Lulu

A very special Cameroon sheep who doesn't know it's a sheep


Lulu the sheep came to TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary in September 2017. At that time, she was just 12 weeks old and thus still a bottle baby lamb. Previously, she lived in an apartment where her previous owner wanted to raise the lamb by hand, and keep her as a pet. However, the owner had no possibility to offer the little black Cameroon sheep a meadow or a stable in the long term and needed to find a way to accommodate it in a species-appropriate way.

Due to the lack of contact with conspecifics, Lulu was unaware that she was a sheep and followed the TIERART staff members at every turn. Any attempts to bring her to our flock of sheep Lulu strictly ignored and still does until today.

Sheep Lulu at TIERART

Lulu's everyday life at TIERART

Lulu is no ordinary sheep. Anyone who has ever seen her live cannot escape her cheeky charm. She has her very own character and always makes us smile with her pranks - no matter if she eats up the complete new planting of our biotope pond within one night or if she is always in the first row at interviews...

Lulu is really unique in her whole behavior.



I am allowed to move freely on the TIERART grounds. More than 30 other sheep live here, but I prefer to stay away from them. If they come too close to me, I'm gone immediately.



If the keepers forget to close the door to the food kitchen, I just go in and see if there's anything tasty there. If the food for the raccoons has already been packed on the golf cart, I steal it from there.



I love to hide. Under tables, benches, in large dog houses or in a pinch under the clothes horse. Well, have you discovered me immediately?

Social behavior

Social Behavior

I don't like sheep and goats at all, but luckily there are more animals at TIERART. I find the young foxes quite interesting – which is obviously mutual.

Sense of order

Sense of Order

My two-legged friends always try to keep everything tidy on the premises. However, if cardboard is not immediately brought to the paper garbage can, I am on the spot and nibble on it. That's how I train their sense of order!

Sleeping behavior

Sleeping Behavior

I have set up my sleeping place right in front of the office, where I also prefer to be near people during the day. Especially in the morning, when the team has a coffee before work, I'm right in the middle of it.

Visitor service

Visitor Service

When guided tours take place, I sometimes join the group of visitors and make sure that the animal keepers don't say anything wrong. Afterwards, at the bistro, I check what's on offer, but of course I stand in line.

Press work

Public Relations

Whether it's an interview for the newspaper, filming for television or other events at TIERART – I'm always in the front line. The cameramen sometimes have a hard time keeping their expensive equipment safe from me.

Spirit of adventure

Spirit of Adventure

Rescues are always particularly exciting, of course, I can not miss them. In this big box is Tiger Sahib, who was rescued from a circus. I am a very curious sheep and therefore come to say hello quite bravely, even if his roaring sounds a little dangerous. 

Facts about Lulu

  • I come from: a private home in an apartment
  • My favorite things to eat: everything I am not supposed to eat... for example, I like to eat newly planted trees or bamboo, the herbs in the herb garden at the office or the painstakingly planted pond plants.
  • I am: an absolutely unique sheep, which always provides for entertainment
  • This is what the keepers say about me: Lulu behaves more like a dog. She's always up to something, incredibly curious, and always and everywhere involved in something going on. She likes to play soccer or steal food from the golf cart for the raccoons and foxes.