Cameroon sheep at TIERART

About Sheep and Goats

TIERART not only offers help for wild animals


Sheep need a lot of care. Unfortunately, some keepers have the misconception that all you have to do is provide sheep with a large meadow and the animals can be used as low-maintenance 'lawnmowers'.

Quite the opposite: the sheep's claws have to be checked and cut regularly, and in spring they are sheared. The sheep are dewormed several times during the year and, last but not least, they need fresh water every day and sufficient supplementary feeding in winter. A stable in which it is not too hot and not too cold is also needed.

All sheep taken in by TIERART originally come from keeping that does not respect animal welfare

Not only wild animals, but also farm animals get into emergency situations in which they need help from humans and then find care with us. In recent years, TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary has been able to rescue a number of sheep from abusive husbandry. In some cases, veterinary authorities turn to us when animals are not properly cared for and ultimately have to be confiscated.

For example, a group of Cameroon sheep lived in a barn that had not been mucked out for months. Due to the wet bedding and excrements all the animals suffered from a painful disease that leads to rotting of the hard layer of the claws. Despite repeated requests from the veterinary authorities, the owner had not taken care of the problems and so the Cameroon sheep were finally confiscated and brought to TIERART.

After appropriate treatment and care, they could be integrated into our flock and here they can enjoy the rest of their lives in the company of conspecifics.

Our flock of sheep is roaming around freely on our 14 hectare premises, but can seek shelter in a large hall littered with straw at any time if necessary. There are also generous hayracks here. The flock spends most of the day on our large meadow orchard, but from time to time they can also be found on the slope right in front of the tiger enclosures grazing in a relaxed manner.

Our flock currently consists of 32 sheep of different breeds and 5 goats. Behind every single animal there is a story – mostly a very sad one.

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