Wallachian sheep at TIERART

Wallachian Sheep

An old breed: frugal, sturdy and beautiful


In February 2017, our flock of sheep got new members: four female Wallachian sheep. A few weeks later three rams joined the group after being castrated first.

The seven sheep come from a region about 80 km from TIERART, where a large flock is kept in a village to maintain the green spaces in a landscape conservation area. Due to the decision to reduce the flock, a total of 12 lambs that had been born in the spring of 2016, were to be sent to the slaughterhouse.

The gentleman, who at that time was employed by the authorities to take care of the animals on a daily basis, was to deliver the dearly loved sheep to the slaughterer himself. He did everything in his power to prevent this, of course. After all, he had known the animals since birth and had even bottle-fed some of them himself.

Fortunately, committed animal lovers got together to find homes for all 12 lambs and contacted TIERART. Five sheep could already be accommodated elsewhere in good keeping and we were happy to take in the remaining seven lambs. They have now found a permanent home with us at the sanctuary.

Wallachian sheep at TIERART

A particularly beautiful breed

With their beautifully curved horns, which develop much more strongly with age, especially in the rams, the Wallachian sheep are an absolute eye-catcher. The breed is also quite rare, so we are very happy to be able to bring these special animals closer to our visitors as well.

Facts about Wallachian Sheep

  • They come from: Slovakia. This old breed came to Germany 300 years ago with the Wallachian shepherds from Romania. Nowadays the breed has become very rare. In the category "breeds from other countries" they are on the Red List of the Society for the Preservation of Old and Endangered Domestic Animal Breeds.
  • They prefer to eat: Walachian sheep are very frugal in terms of food and are not picky. They are used, for example, as "landscapers" in protected areas, where they graze everything that should not grow there.
  • They are: sturdy, shy and watchful, but also very temperamental
  • This is what the keepers say about us: The Walachian sheep are definitely something special, as they are quite rare. We are proud to be able to show our visitors this old breed of sheep.

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