Bunker in TIERART

The Cave – Animals in War

WHEN: on Sundays and public holidays at 10 a.m.
WHERE: in the bunker under the TIERART grounds


Every war means immeasurable suffering: for the soldiers involved, for men, women, children. But animals also suffer in crisis areas. They become injured, traumatized and die.

Animals do not always end up in combat zones by chance, for thousands of years man has made use of animals in war: soldiers rode into war on horses. Armies were accompanied by herds of cattle, pigs and sheep. War elephants spread fear and terror in the ranks of the enemy. Carrier pigeons carried messages from base to base.

This exhibition tells about animals in war. About their involuntary tasks, their suffering and their death. But it also tells about heroes and friends, about animals that save human lives in war.

The location for this exhibition was not chosen by chance, it has a special history: an underground bunker, built as part of the Westwall, storage for nuclear warheads during the Cold War. This exhibition also tells about that.

In no way is the suffering of animals to be compared with that of humans. Rather, the exhibition aims to show a particular aspect of the war in more detail, to introduce one of many groups of victims. 

Enter 'The Cave' and find out yourself.

Guided tours

Since 5th September 2020, the bunker exhibition is part of the visitors tour 'Animals in War and Peace', which takes place every Sunday and on public holidays at 10 a.m. Learn more.

The regular tours are held in German. Info signs in the bunker exhibition are also available in English.

Special tours, also in English, possible by appointment. For date and price inquiries please send an e-mail to wildtierauffangstation@tierart.de.

Bunker in TIERART


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