Roe buck Ruffy

Jun 2019


Rescue Roe Fawn Ruffy

An orphaned roe fawn in a meadow who fought to live!


On a scorching summer day in 2019, a young fawn was discovered in a meadow in Germany. It was clear, that the little buck had been without the care of his mother for a long time. Left in the hot son with no shade, he was very dehydrated and weak. Sadly, this young fawn clearly had been left alone for some time. 

When he was found, he tried to get up but constantly fell over and overturned. Fortunately the people who found him acted immediately and brought him to our Tierart Sanctuary.

Ruffy was only about three weeks old and weighed just under 6.6lbs (a healthy weight would be around 9lbs). His caretakers said that he was more dead than alive when brought to them at TIERART.

After receiving intensive medical care, he still couldn't get up and refused any food. But, on the third day, a miracle happened! He started drinking milk and eating oatmeal. Since then, each day, Ruffy became stronger and eventually got released into a large enclosure.

Despite his health improvements, Ruffy still suffered from cramping seizures for a long time. This meant that he had to be kept within a large enclosure, where he could be observed.

Through this journey, Ruffy formed a strong bond with his caretakers, in particular, a caretaker named Hannah who bottle fed every two to three hours. Today, he is healthy and happy and enjoys running around the sanctuary. 

A new friend for life

In May 2020, Kalle was brought to the sanctuary after he was attacked down by a free-running dog. He was only about 3 days old. After months of rearing, he has also developed magnificently and is now almost as big as Ruffy. It wasn't long the two young deer could be introduced and soon they became the best of friends! 

Following months of Ruffy being seizure-free, it was decided that the two bucks could be released into the 14-hectare area, where they are able to roam freely. 

On the day of their release into the larger, free-roaming enclosure, both deer left curiously, but together they went off to explore the whole station. During their exploration tour, they also discovered the flock of sheep and mixed curiously among the herd. More and more often, however, the two of them now come down to the lowest level of the compound to the feeding kitchen. The animal keepers always prepare some food there to attract the two. This way we have a regular chance to look at them and check that they are doing well. 

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