Rescue stories

For us, success means giving animals in human care a life appropriate to their species. Discover the background stories of our animals.

        Tiger cub Charlota in the Czech Republic

        Rescue Tigress Charlota

        Jul 2023 - TIERART

        A victim of the ruthless tiger trade

        Fox Jackson at TIERART

        Rescue Fox Jackson

        Apr 2019 - TIERART

        Rescued fox Jackson shares new home with fellow rescued foxes

        Arctic fow Wukk sitting on a rock in the outdoor enclosure at TIERART

        Rescue Fox Wukk

        Jul 2022 - TIERART

        A bundle of energy rescued from private keeping

        Kiano the serval

        Rescue Serval Kiano

        Apr 2020 - TIERART

        An African wildcat found in the forests of Germany

        Roe buck Ruffy

        Rescue Roe Fawn Ruffy

        Jun 2019 - TIERART

        An orphaned roe fawn in a meadow who fought to live!

        Puma in the enclosure

        Rescue Puma Tikam

        Feb 2019 - TIERART

        A victim of the wildcat trade in Europe

        Tigeress Cara

        Rescue Tigress Cara

        Jul 2015 - TIERART

        The tigress' first months of life were in illegal keeping

        Fox friends at TIERART

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