Serval Kiano at TIERART

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Which TIERART resident resembles you?

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You visit your favorite restaurant. Which dish do you choose?

Raccoon Esme at TIERART

As a flexitarian, I love "all you can eat" buffets and try everything there is to eat.

...and what do you eat...? Bears at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

I find it hard to decide, but in the end I'm always jealous of what the person sitting next to me has on their plate.

Tikam with birthday cake made of meat at TIERART

Me and a restaurant visit? No way! What I like best is what I've bought and prepared myself.

Tiger Raspoetin at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

I generally avoid vegetables and other side dishes and order meat with meat and meat.

Honey is a tasty treat for raccoons

My head says: "Have the salad", but my stomach opts for something really unhealthy.

Do you enjoy sports?

Bela and Sharuk play with a jute bag at TIERART

I try to keep fit, but it always has to be fun! I like team sports and exercising outdoors with friends.

Young lynx

I am an absolute sports fanatic and very ambitious. My motto is: higher, faster, further!

Bear Rocco at BÄRENWALD Müritz

I'm definitely not lazy and I like to exercise. However, endurance sports are not for me, I need variety and playful stimulation.

Lion Bobby at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

Sport? Me? Ha, ha, no way...

Raccoon feeding at TIERART

Do shopping and eating count as sporting activities? Then I am a top athlete!

You have a day off. What are you doing?

Lulu the sheep at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

I work in the garden, mow the lawn, tinker with my car and do the laundry. Tidiness is very important to me!

Bear Mascha at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

I make myself comfortable and at most move back and forth between the couch and the fridge.

Sheep at TIERART

I get up early and use the day for an extensive sports program. He who rests, rusts!

Orangutans Cantik and Gerhana at the FOUR PAWS Orangutan FOREST SCHOOL

I meet up with friends and do something exciting. The main thing is to get out into the air! For me, there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!

Raccoons love water

When the weather is good, I take a nice swim in my pool. In rainy weather, however, nobody can get me outside and I prefer to stay in bed!

How would your friends best describe you?

Tigress Cara plays with her ball


Dormouse at TIERART


Wildcat Emma at TIERART


Orangutan Gonda at Orangutan FOREST SCHOOL


Sheep Lulu at TIERART


What does your perfect vacation look like?

Bear Meimo at Arosa BAER SANCTUARY

Pure nature: hours of hiking and mountain climbing.

Lulu the sheep in winter

Winter vacation with lots of snow!

Hedgehog castle at TIERART

Why go away? My home is my castle.

Raccoons in their sleeping box

With friends in an "all inclusive" hotel - lazing around, eating, swimming, sleeping.

Tigress Cara at TIERART

Individual vacation with alternating relaxation and adventure.

A stranger is asked to guess what job you do, looking only at your appearance. So what would suit you?

Mario the lion at the LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary


Lulu the sheep checks a construction site at TIERART

Construction worker

Tigress Cara at TIERART


Serval Kiano at TIERART

Security staff

Raccoon Esme at TIERART

Chef de cuisine

Which superpower would you like to have?

Nastia the bear in BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr

Climbing like Spiderman

Lulu the sheep looks at a fox cub

Being able to transform myself into a different personality


Seeing in the dark

Raccoon camouflages itself between banana leaves

Being able to make myself invisible

Wild horse in the Danube Delta, Romania

Running as fast as the wind

Which statement applies most to you?

Puma Tikam at TIERART

I'm not afraid of anything and I'm an absolute go-getter.

Arctic fox Wukk after digging in the mud

White clothes don't stay clean for 5 minutes.

Raccoon Dreibein

I just can't manage to maintain my weight.

Tigress Cara searches for food

I am extremely curious and always have to see everything.

Lulu the sheep doesn't like any other sheep except herself

Teamwork is a foreign word to me. I'm always the boss!

Lulu resembles you the most!

Lulu is always up for a joke or a prank and can be found wherever there is something going on or something tasty to eat. She doesn't make friends with everyone - especially not with other sheep. She is characterized by her self-confident appearance and assertiveness. Lulu is a thoroughly unique personality!

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Kamerunschaf Lulu bei TIERART

Tikam resembles you the most!

Puma Tikam is an absolute daredevil and needs constant action. Nothing escapes his eyes and ears. He loves challenges for body and mind and always gives 100%. Although he is a strict loner by nature, he has a strong bond with his closest caregivers. Tikam can go from resolute hunter to gentle tomcat in a matter of seconds when his favorite human comes around the corner.

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Puma Tikam bei TIERART

Egon resembles you the most!

Eating, sleeping, meeting friends... This is what a perfect raccoon's everyday life looks like. Egon is a friendly and sociable raccoon who likes to take it easy and relax. He enjoys playing with exciting toys, especially if there is something edible hidden inside. Egon is very even-tempered and considerate. He stays out of fights whenever possible. In summer, the bathing pool is his favorite place, in winter he likes it rather warm and cuddly in his sleeping cave, as is typical for raccoons. Thanks to his excellent adaptability, Egon masters every challenge effortlessly.

You can find interesting facts about raccoons here.

Waschbär Egon bei TIERART

Wukk resembles you the most!

Arctic fox Wukk is a funny little whirlwind and never seems to get tired. As soon as something arouses his curiosity, he's on the spot. Neither rain, snow nor the biggest mud can stop him from experiencing or discovering something new - on the contrary! He loves to get dirty. Every now and then his tireless perseverance is a bit exhausting for those around him, but Wukk is a born entertainer and you can't fault him for anything. He is bursting with joy and finds something positive in everything.

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Polarfuchs Wukk bei TIERART

Cara resembles you the most!

Tigress Cara loves to be the center of attention. She embodies beauty, strength and pride and is aware of her charisma. She effortlessly wraps the people around her around her finger or paw. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. A good balance between action and relaxation is very important to Cara. In rainy weather, it's all about chilling out in the dry. Cara is an extremely charming and strong personality that is simply mesmerizing..

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Tigerin Cara bei TIERART

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