Ram Hannibal at TIERART

Ram Hannibal

As a visitor to a gas station, he frightened the customers!


The employees and customers of a gas station in a small town could hardly believe their eyes when, on New Year's Eve morning 2019, a sheep suddenly walked around between the gas pumps! 

The little ram didn't seem to be shy at all and sniffed curiously at cars and customers. Coincidentally, at this time a shepherd was also refueling his car and directly offered his help. He helped to catch the ram and first of all to bring it to safety in the storage room of the gas station. There the ram waited amused between various beverage crates until a team of a nearby animal shelter arrived.

In the animal shelter the ram was given the name "Hannibal". Although it was possible to determine from his ear tag that he originally came from a dealer in Belgium, no actual owner could be found. No one could trace from where Hannibal could possibly have escaped and so after a few weeks it was decided to pass him on to a place where he could stay forever.

In mid-February 2020, Hannibal moved into TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary. However, since he had been castrated only a few days before and remained fertile for up to 6 weeks, he still had to be kept separate from the herd for the time being.

Hannibal enjoying the snow, 2020

Hannibal enjoying the snow, 2020

After 6 weeks in 'solitary confinement', Hannibal could finally make acquaintance with the rest of the herd. The newcomer was first observed from a safe distance and finally sniffed extensively. The almost 40 other sheep and goats obviously found him to be good and so he was immediately accepted without any problems.

Since then, Hannibal has always been on the move in the company of his fellow sheep. The cheeky ram likes to explore the TIERART grounds and also visits tigress Cara from time to time.

Hannibal visits tigress Cara from time to time

Facts about Hannibal

  • I come from: Belgium (according to ear tag), but I was found at a gas station in a German village.
  • My favorite food: fresh greens, cereals, carrots and apples, sometimes a small piece of dry bread.
  • I am: very trusting, friendly and brave – even tigers don't scare me.
  • This is what the keepers say about me: We don't know where Hannibal came from, because no owner could be found. It is quite possible that he escaped from the butcher. However, he is surprisingly trusting and people-oriented, loves to be cuddled, and greets the staff mowing when they come on duty in the morning.