Hedgehog hiding in his hedgehog castle

Spot the differences

Can you find all the hidden bugs?


Some of our animals can camouflage themselves very well and can sometimes only be recognized at second glance in the natural vegetation of their enclosures.

Test your eye for details! In each of the photos below, some mistakes have been hidden.

Can you spot all the differences? Let's go!

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Cara the tigress especially likes to play with balls - but for a variation she also likes to play with a pumpkin. Now it's your turn to play: how many differences can you spot?

Search image tigress Cara

Well done! Your answer is right.

Unfortunately not correct. Look at the solution on the next page.

Those who have looked closely have discovered the differences:

Resolution search image tigress Cara

Let's go to the next picture!

Let's go to the next picture!

In raccoon Knoedel's enclosure hid not only colorful eggs, but also some mistakes... Can you find them all?

Search image raccoon Knoedel

Wow! You have a really good eye for details!

Unfortunately, this is not true. Do not give up! The solution is on the next page.

This time there were 5 differences to discover.

Resolution search image raccoon Knoedel

New picture, new chance!

New picture, new chance!

Arctic fox Wukk is normally white. But due to his passion for digging, he gradually adapts to the environment. The hidden bugs are also well "camouflaged". Can you find them anyway?

Search image arctic fox Wukk

Perfectly recognized! The answer is correct.

Just missed! Take a look at what the correct solution would have been.

Even if it looks unusual: Wukk actually has different colored eyes. But that was not the only mistake in the picture below:

Resolution search image arctic fox Wukk

Good luck!

Good luck!

Our sheep move freely on the 14-hectare TIERART grounds. In the dense undergrowth or between the trees they are sometimes not so easy to see. Is there more hiding in the picture below than our Wallachian sheep?

Search image sheep

Well done! The answer is correct.

Unfortunately, a close miss is also a miss... You will certainly have more luck with the next picture.

That wasn't too hard, was it? Arctic fox Wukk in the sheep pasture? That would actually be a bit surprising...

Resolution search image sheep

Now take another close look!

Now take another close look!

Doesn't Kiano have a beautiful pattern? In its natural habitat in the African savannah, the serval is thus perfectly adapted to the environment. But: what does not fit in the picture below?

Search image serval Kiano

Awesome! That was really not easy. Great performance!

Oh no... You seem to have overlooked something. Look again carefully!

Here is the resolution: a few mistakes were really hard to spot.

Resolution search image serval Kiano

Thanks for playing! Great job!

Thanks for playing! Great job!

Points reached:

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