Silver fox Mala at TIERART

Silver foxes Mala and Skadi

Rescued from a Polish fur farm


The white fox Mala and the black fox Skadi were born in a Polish fur farm. Like millions of fur animals worldwide, they eked out a miserable existence in tiny wire cages, waiting to be killed and turned into fashion accessories.

Fortunately, the two were saved from this terrible fate by their last-minute rescue. In November 2022, the approximately one-year-old silver foxes moved into a large outdoor enclosure at TIERART. Here they were allowed to experience for the first time how natural soil feels under their paws and how much fun it is to dig in the earth.

Mala and Skadi were very curious from the beginning and love to discover something new and exciting every day - no matter if it is a cardboard box, dog toys, balls or the camera tripod of a film crew. The two are very playful and enjoy life in safety to the fullest.

Silver fox Skadi on the day of her arrival at TIERART

Silver fox Skadi on the day of her arrival at TIERART

Silberfüchsin Mala bei TIERART

Silver fox Mala in November 2022

New playmate for Mala and Skadi

Since the spring of 2023, the young male arctic fox Wukk has completed the "furry fox community" and brings a lot of life into the enclosure. The little whirlwind is not only playful, but also quite brave and cheeky. He is often put in his place by the two ladies in a friendly but firm manner. The trio can often be seen romping around and we are happy that they get along so well.


Arctic fox Wukk at TIERART

Arctic fox Wukk at TIERART

Facts about Mala and Skadi

  • We come from: a Polish fur farm
  • Our favorite foods are: Mice and beef
  • We are: curious and playful and almost always found as a double pack
  • This is what the keepers say about us: although Mala and Skadi had only negative experiences with people before they moved in at TIERART, they very quickly trusted us and settled in wonderfully. it is a joy to see them so exuberant and happy.
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