Raccoon Dreibein at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

Raccoon Dreibein

Victim of a hunting trap


Our raccoon lady Dreibein, which is German for 'three legs', has – as the name says – only three legs. Unfortunately, she lost her right hind leg when she got caught in a beat trap. A walker found the completely exhausted and badly injured little animal, which had probably desperately tried for hours to free herself from the trap. Unfortunately, the veterinarian could not save the leg, leaving the only option as amputation, thus, the little three-legged raccoon came to TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary in 2013.

Raccoon Dreibein eating some fish

Dreibein at TIERART 2018

No matter if 3 or 4 legs – she is always in action

She gets along with her handicap very well. Just like all the other raccoons in the group, she climbs to the greatest heights and was also accepted by her conspecifics without any problems from the very beginning.

Raccoons are considered invasive animals in the EU

Nearly 40 raccoons are permanently cared for at TIERART. The release of these animals into the wild is prohibited in Germany, so once raccoons are taken into human care, they must remain there.

We have to finance the costs for building new enclosures, food, castration, deworming, other medications and animal care staff through donations.

Facts about Dreibein

  • I come from: I was found badly injured by a walker in a hunting trap.
  • I like to eat: nuts, eggs and fruit.
  • I am: despite a missing hind leg a climbing artist and even hang upside down along the enclosure roof.
  • This is what the keepers say about me: Dreibein gets along with her handicap without any problems. In the group she is respected by all the other raccoons.
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