Pastel fox Zoé at TIERART

Pastel fox Zoé

Rescued from a breeding farm


Pastel fox Zoé was rescued from a breeding farm and came to TIERART in 2011, where she has inhabited an enclosure on her own ever since. Pastel foxes are very rare, so finding a mate for her seemed impossible. 

Until 2016, when male Frodo came to TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary...

Pastel fox Zoé in 2017

Pastel fox Zoé in 2017

Love at first sight

Frodo was discovered while straying in a housing estate, after he had probably been abandoned.

At TIERART Frodo was to be socialized with pastel fox Zoé and moved into the neighbor's enclosure for the time being, where the two were to sniff each other extensively at the fence for a few weeks and get used to each other. Zoé and Frodo were so fond of each other that no fence could stop them from moving in together immediately...

Directly in the first night a tunnel was dug by both sides and since then the pair was inseparable until May 2022.

Zoé and Frodo at TIERART

Farewell, dear Zoé...

In the morning of 12.05.2022 our animal keeper found Zoé apathetic in her enclosure. She was then taken directly to the veterinarian practice.

An examination revealed that Zoé was suffering from acute kidney failure and the values were extremely bad. Furthermore, the vet found a rather large tumor and fluid in the abdomen. The resulting prognosis unfortunately left only one decision: with a heavy heart, we had to let Zoé go to spare her unnecessary pain.

Wild animals unfortunately usually show pain or discomfort only when it is too late, because in the wild you are an easy victim if you show weakness. Zoé was unremarkable until the day before she died. She ate, was active and alert. We were all the more shocked to lose her so suddenly.

Zoé was an integral part of our wildlife sanctuary for 11 years and will always remain in our hearts...