Fox Jackson at the TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

fox Jackson

Bred as a pet and confiscated


Jackson, a silver fox-colored male, arrived at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary in May 2019. He came from a breeding operation specifically designed to market domesticated foxes as pets.

Jackson spent the first two years of his life living with a female in a private home. When the veterinary office inspected the husbandry and found both foxes in poor health and with severe parasite infestations, Jackson was impounded a short time later and temporarily transferred to a local wildlife sanctuary. The female unfortunately died in the meantime and could not be rescued.

Fox Jackson at TIERART

Jackson with short summer coat at his arrival in 2019

It was not until a full year later that Jackson could be moved to his new home at TIERART, as the previous owner had filed a lawsuit against the seizure. After a long legal battle, however, it was finally clear that he would not get the animal back.

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New home, new friends

Jackson is now enjoying the new spacious outdoor enclosure where he finally has grass under his paws and open skies above him. He especially enjoys digging dens and curiously playing with any form of occupational material. He shared his enclosure for several years with two red foxes, Porthos and Sir Henry, who could not be reintroduced to the wild due to a handicap. Unfortunately, both died in the spring of 2022.

Jackson and Porthos

Best friends – Jackson and Porthos

Facts about Jackson

  • Coming from: private keeping
  • I like to eat: beef and mice
  • I am: very people-oriented and like to be petted from time to time
  • What the keepers say about me: Jackson behaves more like a dog than a fox, but that is not surprising, since he comes from a breeding line whose goal is foxes that are particularly suitable as pets.

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