Bear Pashuk at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina


A FOUR PAWS project in Kosovo since 2013


BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina was established to create a safe haven for the so-called "restaurant bears" in Kosovo that were kept in tiny dilapidated cages next to restaurants for the purpose of attracting customers. FOUR PAWS has rescued all these bears, and thus, ended this cruel form of brown bear abuse in the country for good. In addition, restaurant bears from Albania have also found a new, species-appropriate home at our sanctuary.

At our sanctuary, bears have the opportunity to finally display natural behaviors in a lifelong home while still getting the necessary professional care they need. The large enclosures provide enough space for the animals to roam freely, as well as withdraw, and all have trees and/or wooden structures to climb on and ponds to bathe in. The sanctuary also allows the bears to hibernate in the winter, which is part of their natural annual cycle of activity.


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Visitors can come to the sanctuary and are welcome to join one of the guided tours by our experts. These provide additional information about the rescued brown bears as well as the work of FOUR PAWS on animal welfare and environmental protection. Dogs are very welcome at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina as long as they are kept on a leash. You can find out more about visiting here.

Our educational children and youth program gives young people an insight into animals, nature, and the environment. Our special hands-on educational model the "Forest School" involves presentations, quizzes, workshops, crafts, sports and more.



After Kosovo made it illegal to

keep bears privately in 2010, increasing protests regarding bears that were still held in captivity lead the Austrian Embassy to put FOUR PAWS and the Kosovan government in contact with one another. In 2012, construction for the sanctuary began and in 2013 the first rescued bear arrived.




Where to find us

Mramor, Badovci Lake, 
Prishtina 10000, Kosovo

You can find more contact information here – it is just 30 minutes from Prishtina, Kosovo (by car), find us on Google Maps


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Bear Gjina at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina

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