Animal care takers at TIERART

Volunteer at TIERART

Join our team and contribute to animal welfare


More than 70 animals are permanently cared for in the TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary - including more than 20 raccoons, 11 foxes, 2 tigers, a puma, a serval and more than 20 sheep and goats. In addition, many native wild animals, mainly young animals found injured or orphaned, are medically cared for, raised and finally reintroduced into the wild at TIERART each year.

What we offer

For 2023 we offer two places for a respective duration of 60 - 90 days. The application is only possible through the ESC Volunteer Program (European Solidarity Corps). 

The program is funded and provides extensive support to participants such as health insurance, full coverage of food and accommodation, return of travel expenses, monthly pocket money and Visas.

As a volunteer Animal Care Assistant at TIERART you will directly contribute to animal welfare!

During your stay you will support our animal care team in the care and observation of our animals. The daily work includes, among other things: 

  • cleaning of the enclosures
  • preparation of food and feeding
  • preparing enrichment materials for the animals
  • setting up and designing the enclosures
  • support with minor medical treatments or veterinary checks
  • general work on the extensive grounds
  • assisting with the supervision of visitor groups

As part of our experienced team, you will gain deep insight into our work for animal and species conservation, as well as the care of rescued animals and their special needs. 

In order to provide our volunteers with the best possible support and to ensure that they can learn as much as possible, we employ no more than one volunteer per period. 

Requirements for ESC volunteers

  • European Solidarity Corps volunteering activities are available for 18 - 30 year old people
  • Participants need to be legally resident in a Program or Partner country (Please note: Due to Brexit, unfortunately UK residents can no longer take part in an ESC placement)
  • As the program is funded, the projects are completely free for volunteers
  • The placement may not be taken as part of a compulsory element of work experience for a course/module at your college/university
  • Volunteers may not have previously completed a long-term ESC/EVS placement

How to apply?


Before you apply, we strongly recommend that you read the volunteer information pack to make sure that volunteering at TIERART is suitable for you.

If you want to apply for a placement you need to register as an ESC volunteer here.

Fill in all aspects of the application form and send this in along with a motivation letter (no greater than one A4 page) via Email (

All placements for 2023 are already assigned, but we accept applications for 2024 from October on.

We are looking forward to your application!


Information Pack for Volunteers

Information Pack for Volunteers

Learn more about the ESC Volunteer Program at TIERART! Please find all information about requirements, financial support during your stay, accommodation, insurances, working hours and tasks here.

TIERART Application Form

TIERART Application Form

To apply for a volunteer placement at the TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary, please fill out the application form and email it to us along with a one-page letter of motivation. For editing we recommend the use of the PDF24 tool.

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