About TierArt

TIERART is a registered charity. We run a rescue centre for confiscated, injured and abandoned wild animals and exotic species.

TIERART is opposed to the use of performing animals in circusses and investigates cases of cruelty against captive and performing animals.

TIERART was founded in 1999 and has bought a large area of 14 hectares (140.000 sqm) in 2000. The already existing buildings are devastated and need refurbishment. They have to be converted according to the needs of the various species.

There is a desperate need in Germany for this kind of facility, since at present there aren't any institutions that can house big mammals, and there are not enough rescue centres for wild animals in trouble.

The need to find a permanent home for the initial four inhabitants, one Sumatra and three Bengal tigers - MEDAN, SHARIF, SAIDA and RANGUN - provided the impetus to get the project started. These 4 tigers belonged to the state circus of the former GDR. After the reunification of Germany their fate was uncertain. The tigers would have been put down if it had not been for a small group of individuals who passionately fought to save them. The registered charity, TIERART was founded to give the campaign and future work a solid foundation.

The charity is being run by several volunteers, some of them working full-time, as well as two experienced big cat keepers, two trained animal keepers and one technician.

TIERART has raised a considerable amount of money to buy the 14 hectares of land including the existing buildings. However, a great amount of money is needed to carry out all the necessary conversions. The plot of land we acquired is ideal for all kinds of animals, with its hills, forests, 2 wells and even a fountain supplying all water needed.

The animals in trouble deserve a decent life rather than to be put down, especially since it sometimes involves species, such as the Sumatra tiger MEDAN, that are on the verge of becoming extinct with only approx. 400 specimen left worldwide.

The Animal Welfare Advisory Council of Rheinland-Pfalz supports our projekt - see letter dated 13 Dec 2010 below (translation).